Welcome to the largest virtual restaurant, a place where you can donate all the meals you crave for.

Here, you have a table reserved every day and you can order anything you want. However, instead of consuming your favourite dishes, you get to fast and donate the value of these meals to the poor children who live with less than 5 lei/day.

39% of Romanian children live in poverty, some of them with less than 5 lei/day (source). There are days when some of them don’t even eat at all. This usually determines their parents to place them in state care, in orphanages where they do receive food, but are deprived of affection. How many of us can honestly say we know what these children are going through?

“The Meaning of Fasting” is an initiative of Hope and Homes for Children which involves well-known or less famous supporters of the organization and aims to give purpose to the Christmas Fasting Time. We challenge people to go all out and live through a whole day without eating and donating the value of the meals for that day to the children who survive with less than what we spend for a cup of coffee.

Hope and Homes for Children is an NGO whose programmes and objectives work towards replacing the traditional child protection system with a system based on family and on preventing the separation of children from their families, as attachment, individual attention, love and stimulation are essential for each child.

In its 18 years of activity in Romania, Hope and Homes for Children has helped over 23,000 children to remain with their families, has closed down 52 orphanages with more than 5,500 children and has built 100 small group homes. It has supported more than 700 young people to have an independent life after they exited old-type institutions and these are only some of the achievements of the organization. You can learn more about them here.